Re: Bad host entries

Mike Brescia (brescia@BBNCCV.ARPA)
15 Apr 86 09:31:00 EST (Tue)

re: single character names

Every site (well, a lot of them) has hosts named A, B, ... . While the NIC
people check for unique names, they should also editorially remove such short
names. Thus BUCSA could be A.CS.BU.EDU, and still be named as A within the
CS.BU.EDU domain.

ISIA, BBNA, CMUA, etc. thank you.

re: form of cpu name, e.g. SUN-2/50

We have (had?) a list of 'Official Machine Names', 'Official System Names',
'Official Protocol and Service Names', and 'Official Terminal Type Names' in
RFC 943, 'Assigned Numbers' so that we can avoid such problems. Perhaps the
rule for inventing those names should be stated in those sections, to prevent
future breakage.

Proposed statement of rule for names -

"Official Names consist of only alphanumeric and hyphen (minus sign) characters."


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