Bruce Brolsma (brolsma@BBN-SPCA.ARPA)
Tue, 15 Apr 86 9:09:26 EST

> Message-ID: <12198824179.25.JNC@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU>

> ...we should punish the offendors so horribly that word of what
> happens to you when you do this will become instant network folklore.
> I used to send such pinheads a few megabytes of mail manually, but
> maybe a tool that sends them 253 copies of SF-LOVERS every hour for
> three weeks is the right thing.

Now, these things couldn't POSSIBLY happen because netmail address
paths seem abstruse and impenetrable, especially to newcomers,
could they????

The half-second it takes me to discard such messages doesn't particularly
bother me, perhaps because I am inclined to be merciful toward most
everyone. It's a bit like sex education; after the fact punishment
ain't gonna do all that much to alleviate the problem.

Each netmailer need make such mistakes only once or twice if, in reply, they
received a canned tutorial on the constituate parts of netdom, pathnames,
list-of-lists, requests, etc., etc. I've not seen such a summary available
for distribution, but I'd sure like to see one.

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