Host table & 4.2BSD problem

Mike Muuss (mike@BRL.ARPA)
Tue, 15 Apr 86 6:08:36 EST

The version of /etc/htable distributed with 4.2 BSD, when applied to
the very latest host table from the NIC, fills your disks with
the word "bucsa" repeated over and over again.

The offending new host entry is:


This is currently the only host in the table with a single character
name, and the 4.2 BSD version of "htable" has a (defective) special
case in the handling of this. Never fear, the 4.3 version is correct,
but you don't have it yet.


1) The NIC should probably remove the alias "A" from BUCSA. (*I* won't
forget that host name anytime soon -- it's etched on 200 Mbytes of disk!)

2) All UNIX caretakers should apply the following patch to
file /usr/src/etc/htable/scan.l:


{ALPHA} return (NAME);


                              yylval.namelist = newname(yytext);
                              return (NAME);

Note that Gould UTX 1.2 has this bug as well (a faithful port of the
Berkeley bug). All you folks with binary systems, file an SPR.

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