Telnet binary option

Joe Weening (JJW@SU-AI.ARPA)
12 Apr 86 0825 PST

Ah yes, Unix and the Telnet binary option. Most of our hosts at Stanford
have been fixed not to interpret this as raw mode, since it's useless for
our main use of Telnet, i.e., connecting people's terminals to hosts.
Binary mode allow terminals with an "edit" or "meta" key to send this as
the 200 bit, which is useful for EMACS and other programs, but terminals
continue to send CR when you type <return>, not LF, which is what raw mode
expects; and they need both CR and LF to move to the beginning of the next
line. Raw mode confuses the hell out of non-Unix hosts.

RFC 856 says that both sides need an "interpretation" of binary mode, with
no suggestions as to what such an interpretation might be. So I guess
it's all right for consenting Unixes to do whatever they want, but when
the other host is not known to be Unix, it seems a bit presumptuous to
assume it will use Unix conventions.


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