4.3BSD IP subnet ARP hack

John Quarterman (jsq@SALLY.UTEXAS.EDU)
Fri, 11 Apr 86 22:16:18 cst

Someone asked a few weeks ago if an ARP hack had been implemented for 4.3BSD.
(This is a way to allow subnet gateways to respond to ARP requests for hosts
that are on subnets other than the one of the requesting host: the subnet
gateway thus becomes a bridge and only subnet bridges need know about subnets.)
I have reimplemented Smoot Carl-Mitchell's 4.2BSD ARP hack in 4.3BSD.
It is available by anonymous ftp (login anonymous, password guest) from
sally.utexas.edu as the shell archive /pub/subarp.shar. I will also post
it to mod.sources on USENET, and have sent it to Berkeley.

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