tcp/ip decnet gateways?

Fri, 11 Apr 86 06:41 EST

     We at Northeastern University have a growing contingent of both
TCP/IP nodes (UNIX) and DECNET nodes (VMS). I had a brilliant idea the
other day. Why not get ULTRIX to translate between TCP/IP and DECNET.
This would certainly seem a logical place to do it because ULTRIX
understands about both. You would also only need one of these nodes on a
network to do the gateway job of translation. A WONDERFUL idea right?

     Guess what ULTRIX can't do folks. Apparently with a funny you CAN route mail from the TCP/IP world to DECNET but not
back and FTP is just NOT possible. Remote login isn't doable either.

     Why is the world so perverse? Why do brilliant ideas come
stillborn? I didn't think I wanted much. When I was asking about
various vendor's TCP/IP for VMS awhile back, nobody really liked any
vendor software. I heard all kinds of horror stories right and left.
I thought here would be a chance to get both worlds in one box but
NOOOOO. (cry cry sob sob *sigh*).

     Does anybody out there know of someone trying to solve the problem
of getting ULTRIX to do the right thing between TCP/IP and DECNET? Is
DEC maybe? Please (whimper whimper)?

Chris Johnson
Northeastern University

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