Re: LAN flooding.

Brendan Healey, 0734 752175 (OPERATOR%PSI%REAFSB%SDRRTR%slb-test.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA)
Fri, 11 Apr 86 08:48 EST

        Hello distribution list!, my name is Brendan Healey, I am
        the computer centre manager for Fairchild Semiconductor ltd
        at Reading ENGLAND. I would appreciate it if you would
        add my name to the distribution list. I have a 8600-11/785
        cluster system, attached to the worldwide Schlumberger
        Information Network, and 4 sun 3/50's.
        Reading is the site of the European Research, Design and
        Applications Centre (ERDAC). Our interests range from
        Pascal to Prolog, C UNIX, SUNS, VAX/VMS and communications.

        Address being:-

                                                Brendan Healey

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