10 Apr 86 18:55 EST

Wait until you try to use the binary option in connection with
telnet. CMU has lots of special terminals that use the 8th bit....but
there are two communities of busted telnet servers. 4.2BSD puts you
in "raw" mode instead of just passing the 8th bit thru and some IBM
sites that use EBCDIC (sic?) use the BINARY option to mean no
translation [I don't remeber seeing an TELNET option to change from

Given that the majority of machines around here implement 4.2BSD
telnet, we are going to "hack" our systems to send out IAC WILL
BINARY to indicate that the system is NOT a busted 4.2BSD site. I
hope 4.3 does not have this bug too and that they finally fix the EOL

I can understand how the old telnet servers and user programs got
incorrectly implemented but any future servers should be fixed since
the specifications for the options and telnet have been cleaned up
alot. You just have to read them VERY carefully and completely.

The only implementation of telnet that seems to be ALMOST correctly
implemented is TOPS-20 telnet. (Maybe?) there is a race condition bug for the
option negotiations (it loses information) and some questions about
CR NUL handling which implies a bare CR versus CR LF.


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