Wollongong problem

Louis A. Mamakos (louie@trantor.UMD.EDU)
Thu, 10 Apr 86 17:45:16 EST

Ah yes, the TELNET end-of-line discussion surfaces again. I inquired
about this on the list a few years ago while I was writing the TELNET
server for our Sperry 1100 host. The feeling at that time was that
the correct action for an end-of-line was the CR LF sequence.

This works out pretty well since the Sperry machine is a line at a time
type machine. The TELNET session is symmetric; it sends lines terminated
by CR LF to you, and you reply in turn.

It seems that a problem like this should be fairly easy to accomodate in
my TELNET server, but what do we have standards for? We have this same
problem with our Wollongong host, and have beat on the vendor to fix this.
The user TELNET with Berkeley 4.2 was damaged in a similar fashion and it
was a simple 3 line fix to the program. Its been more than a year, and the
Wollongong people have yet to address THIS simple problem; let along hard
ones like subnetting.

This seems to have degenerated into a flame; sorry about that. I just
wanted to make the point that the fuzzballs are not the only hosts that
are upset by this particular bug.

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