Re: ARPAnet Usage

Frederick E Serr (fserr@BBNCC5.ARPA)
10 Apr 86 16:06:22 EST (Thu)

During the second week of December, 1985, the busiest node on the
ARPANET was RCC5, here at BBN. It handled the following numbers of
packets per second:

               From Into Out
               Hosts Hosts Trunks

Average 16 21 77
Peak Hour 18 28 77

The first row is the average over five days (Mon-Fri), 24-hours per
day. The second row is for a busy hour (identified as a peak for the
entire net, it may not be THE peak for this node). During this same
hour packet rates of over 100/sec out internode trunks were observed
on other nodes. This node has six busy hosts on it, including several

I hope that this somewhat delayed response still provides some useful

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