Re: Ethernet monitor wanted

lewis (lewis@sri-tsc.ARPA)
10 Apr 1986 1202-PST (Thursday)

For those with SUN3 workstations, there is a graphical Ethernet watch program.
You start up the rpc.etherd in the background, and the user program is
called "traffic" in usr/bin I think. It of course uses permiscuous mode.
The user is able to split his window into several displays for parsing
packets into time varying histograms by protocol, host, or destination,
the 8 busiest sources are displayed. You can also view load, ei 100%
is 10 Megabits/sec. It does not keep long term statistics.
        There is another SUN3 etherwatch program with a non-graphical
interface, and if it collects statistics, I will post a description
after I look at it.
-Mark Lewis

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