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3 Apr 1986 14:45-PST

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Subject: Arpanet/Ethernet gateway needed.
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Organization: Schlumberger Palo Alto Research
Keywords: tcp-ip, arpanet, gateways, HDH, 1822-J

I need some advise from arpanet wizards:

We just got our arpanet port assigned and are in the process of putting
together an arpanet/ethernet gateway. We have an HDH port (1822-J) which
pretty much limits us to the ACC IF-11/HDH board (is this correct?), a Unibus
board with HDH normally downloaded into it. We'd like something with
reasonable performance, we are getting 56kb DDS between our computer room and
the IMP.

Could anyone tell me what is the hardware I should buy? Which software can I
get to run on it? Is there anyone out in net-land that has an HDH port and
an arpanet/ethernet gateway?

Help is most appreciated.

                                        Rafael Bracho
                                        Schlumberger Palo Alto Research

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