Ethernet monitor wanted

John Romkey (romkey@BORAX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Wed, 9 Apr 86 00:44:13 est

I'm extending MIT's "netwatch" monitor for my company. Right now I'm
planning on adding the features you've mentioned (long term statistics
gathering), plus some more real time statistics gathering, and error
indications. We'll be announcing the new product at the end of the

I'm also thinking about adding a really neat mode for TCP where it
will pick up all the TCP packets that go by for a connection and
analyze them, reporting things like out of sequence packets,
retransmitted packets, and detecting problems like silly window
syndrome. I don't think it should be too incredibly difficult to do.
Maybe it'll show us how bad all of our TCP's *really* are...

I'd also really like to hear from other people on what features they
think would be useful. What are the most common protocol failures you
find? What would you most like to be able to do with an independent
monitor while debugging a new protocol implementation?
                                        - john romkey
                                          ftp software

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