Re: Core gateway slot problem

Jeff Makey (Makey@LOGICON.ARPA)
4 Apr 86 11:50 PST

On April 3, at 16:31:56, 18:01:31, and 20:01:24 PST our SMTP server
received SYNs from CU20B.COLUMBIA.EDU ( but was unable to
respond, being informed by SRI-MILNET-GW.ARPA (via ICMP) that the
destination net was unreachable. (LOGICON.ARPA is on the MILNET, so we
must go through the ARPANET to get to CU-NET.)

Why is it that CU20B can send packets to LOGICON, but sometimes we
can't send to them?

We finally did complete a connection at 22:39:07 PST. Also, we have
had this type of problem much more frequently with RED.RUTGERS.EDU
(, whose internet gateway is also on the ARPANET.

                      :: Jeff Makey

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