reissue: Core gateway routing bug found

Mike Brescia (brescia@BBNCCV.ARPA)
04 Apr 86 11:02:06 EST (Fri)

I do not recall seeing a copy of this message returned from NIC. Thursday,
April 3 is the first full day which should show sanity in the routing.


--- copy etc. ---

To: tcp-ip@BBNCCV.ARPA
Subject: Core gateway routing bug
Date: 02 Apr 86 14:21:09 EST (Wed)
From: tmallory@BBNCCV.ARPA

A bug in the routing code of the LSI-11 gateway software has been
isolated which is responsible for most of the problems experienced
by users of the core gateways for either routing or packet transmission.
The bug caused oscillating routing and added greatly to the amount of
overhead traffic associated with routing, contributing to congestion on
the Arpanet and Milnet.

We have started patching all of the core gateways. This will take some
time, though we hope to have the initial pass complete sometime tomorrow.
It will take several days to update all of the load devices, so minor
problems may reappear as gateways with old binaries are reloaded during
the normal course of operations(power failures, etc.).

Thank you all for your patience,

Tracy Mallory

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