tcp for AT&T
3 Apr 86 16:33:00 PST


Wollongong has a contract with AT&T IS to supply TCP/IP for all levels
of 3B's. This is bing coordinated by Computer Systems Division in Lisle.
AT&T plans to offer the package as a supported product from them.

ACC has a contract also with AT&T to supply 3B - 1822 interfaces for
all of the 3B's. We have delivered the initial prototype units to
AT&T and will be supplying the production units this month.

Our development plans call for supporting a DDN X.25 interface sometime
in the future for the 3B's as well.

Please contact me direct about your specific application.

Email: gary@ACC.ARPA
Telephone: 805-963-9431


Gary Krall

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