Terry Slattery (tcs@USNA.ARPA)
Tue, 1 Apr 86 9:10:13 EST

I use host.txt frequently to look up hosts which I know to be on the
net and don't know their official names (or even a hit of their name
other than the organization name). I have gone as far as to create
a simple script to match patterns in the host tables so that users
here can quickly look to see if they can find out the name of
the host(s) at other sites on DDN. If (when?) host.txt goes
away, I would hope that there would be a counterpart to 'whois'
for polling the servers about potential host names. Pattern
matching is important because I also use this script to look up
all hosts attached to particular sub-nets or imps. It helps me
get an idea of the route my data is or will be taking to get
to a particular host.

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