Re: major changes to 1822

Andrew Malis (malis@bbnccs.ARPA)
Mon, 31 Mar 86 8:35:20 EST


Thanks for your informative message. When we started working on
the new End-to-End, providing a low-delay service was not one of
our explicit goals. However, improving the priority queuing
characteristics inside the PSN itself was one our goals, and one
that we have paid much attention to. As a result, provided that
the hosts use the different priority levels intelligently,
high-priority traffic should experience a lower delay through the
new EE than low-priority traffic.

Of course, the upcoming release of the PSN only has these changes
in the EE section of the code. Upgrading the store-and-forward
to also use the updated priority queuing is under way, and
scheduled for a later release of the PSN.


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