Re: The NIC and FTPing host tables

Martin J Levy (martin%sabre@mouton.ARPA)
Sat, 29 Mar 86 14:13:36 est

i have a hostname server for 4.2bsd, it's very simple to write. we
use it inside bellcore to distrubute the hosts.txt file. if you have
a 4.2/4.3 host running /etc/inetd it's even simpler to write (it can be
a shell script!).

one solution for 4.2bsd hosts that are doing ftp's to the NIC, would be
to put this line at the start of the shell script that runs out of

        hostnumber=`/etc/ifconfig $interface|awk '{print $2}'|sed 's/\./ + /g'`
        sleeptime=`expr \\( $hostnumber \\) % 60 \\* 60`
        sleep $sleeptime

this way even if lots of hosts start a shell off at 12pm, they will
be spread around by 1 hour, based on the IP address of the host.

martin levy.

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