re: Death to IEN 116

John Romkey (romkey@BORAX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Fri, 28 Mar 86 18:58:23 est

   Date: 26 Mar 86 22:58 EST
   From: Rudy.Nedved@A.CS.CMU.EDU

   I have no problem with not using IEN 116. Parts of CMU use it for
   making name lookups on the IBM PC's running MIT PC/IP liviable and
   we will be phasing that out (very actively).

The (probably) final release of MIT's PC/IP should be available soon
(within a week, I think) through the MIT Microcomputer Center. This
release supports domain name resolution in addition to the old IEN 116
name resolver.

The Microcomputer Center's address is:
        MIT Microcomputer Center
        Room 11-209
        77 Massachusetts Avenue
        Cambridge, MA 02139

        Telephone (617) 253-6325
                                        - john romkey
                                          late of MIT

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