RE: RE: T1 on IMPs
28 Mar 86 14:49:00 PST

> Mike,
> Sorry to have to dispel the rumor. C/30Es cannot handle T1. The
> maximum trunk and synchronous host speed is 56KB, as always. The
> main difference between C/30s and C/30Es is more memory.
> Andy

I though there were some 230KB/sec trunks in the network for particular
high volume links (maybe that was 316 or Pluribus IMPS?).

I know from experience that running an HDH port at 316KB/sec (pgm error)
confuses the hell out of the IMP's port. I've heard that C30s have
an effective maximum throughput in the range of 250-300KB/sec.

What about C300 or other new technology IMPs? If 1822 is going to be
replaced by X.25, service much greater than 56KB/sec will be needed
by some sites. We'd love to see IMPs with T1 rate interface capacity.



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