Re: Growth

Dennis G. Perry (PERRY@IPTO.ARPA)
Fri 28 Mar 86 16:20:55-EST

Let me take a crack at answering you concerns, Mike. An MOA between DARPA
and NSF was finally signed in October, 1985. The initial increment of the
Arpanet is about 25% growth. This does not necessarly mean 25% more IMPs.

What it does mean is that DDN will do a growth analysis of the network
as each increment comes into for processing. The initial increment is
about 20 sites. The network modeling is now in progress. If extimated
traffic indicates IMP growth (I guess that is now PSN growth), then PSN
will be added where engineering says they need to be added.

The second increment of sites to be added will come in sometime in the
summer or fall. These are sites that require access to the NSF supercomputers.

The second phase is to allow NSF grantees general access to the Arpanet, not
just for supercomputer access.

All this growth requires that the problems be properly addressed. Get you
concerns into the IAB and its tasks forces so that decissions can be properly
discussed and formulated.

Ultimately the idea that is developing is to form a National Research
Internet, with the Arpanet and Arpa-Internet being the base of such a
development. Interested agencies in this idea are DARPA, parts of DoD,
DOE, parts of NASA (namely NASA/NAS), NSF, and others. The idea has
been put forth in a draft proposal to the FCCSET committee on supercomputers
from the networking subcommittee. (This is a White House committee being
chaired by Decker in DOE with the subcommittee being chaired by Cavalinni
of DOE.) Other developments still under discussion is to upgrade the
Arpanet to T1 links or higher and more fully integrate the WBnet into the
Internet to provide even higer bandwidth.

The National Research Internet would not only be a state of the art network
for researchers to use to gain access to addvanced computational resources,
but would be maintained as state of the art by research into networking
and interneting. Subtantial engineering support will be necessary to solve
the operational problems as well.

I have been working on a paper for such a model with several others and
we hope to have this out for discussion soon.


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