TCP/IP software on DEC Ethernet boards

Marty Sasaki (sasaki@harvard.HARVARD.EDU)
Fri, 28 Mar 86 16:33:03 EST

   Date: Wed, 26 Mar 86 19:39:55 EST

   The DELUA is NOT software compatible at the device level. This is
   why it won't work until VMS V4.4 or something like that (late

Wrong, wrong wrong! (Well, maybe a little wrong.) We are a test site
for the DELUA. VMS 4.3 comes with the new driver that will work on
both the DEUNA and the DELUA. At the qio level things work fine. We
run DECNET and the Tekronix TCP/IP on the DELUAs with no problems and
no changes. Unless your TCP/IP does calls directly into the driver
routines there should be no problem. Using the i/o packet interface
should work.

The DELUA is very close to a DEUNA if you set the bits right. The UNIX
wizard on Harvard had one of his BSD 4.2 system talking to the DELUA
after 15 minutes. He just changed some bits in the DEUNA driver header
file, recompiled and loaded the driver.

Of course this all changes when DEC starts down-loading code into the
DELUA to actually do network functions...

                Marty Sasaki

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