Re: Growth

Barry Leiner (leiner@RIACS.ARPA)
28 Mar 1986 1251-PST (Friday)


I share your concern about growth in traffic, particularly that between
milnet and arpanet, given the performance of the "mail bridges"

However, things are not quite as bad as your message made them sound.

1. The arpanet is NOT being expanded by 40 imps. Rather, the plan is
to expand it by roughly 25%, which means roughly 40 PORTS, or 15 imps.

2. Hopefully, with the installation of the butterfly gateways,
we'll see a substantial performance improvement (meaning things won't
be as terrible as they are currently).

3. New end to end protocols are likely needed to support the
scientific and supercomputer networking coming on line. Hopefully, our
task force will be able to identify those requirements and get infront
of the requirement.




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