Re: The NIC and FTPing host tables

Phil R. Karn at mouton.ARPA (karn@mouton.ARPA)
Fri, 28 Mar 86 12:31:08 est

A most helpful service to us running UNIX sites would be to maintain an
up-to-date copy of hosts.txt on a UNIX system, compressed with the popular
"compress" program. This algorithm typically reduces the size of hosts.txt
by 75% or so, a major win when squeezing it through a tiny and expensive
network path like our CSNET/X.25 link. A well-tuned 4.3BSD system should be
used for the repository; vanilla 4.2 TCP's retransmission algorithms are so
bad that I have little doubt it is THE cause of the lousy Internet
performance people comment about here so often.

Speaking of 4.2BSD TCP, how come DARPA hasn't put pressure on the vendors to
get their acts together? We have a large collection of VAXen, Pyramids, CCIs
and especially Suns. While I have tried very hard to make sure the machines
for which we have source have socially well-adjusted TCPs, there is little I
can do about our many object-only systems except to wait for new releases
from the vendors. And none of them seem to consider TCP performance to be
the high-priority problem it is.


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