Re: What's a reasonable time-to-live?

Mike Muuss (mike@BRL.ARPA)
Wed, 26 Mar 86 15:46:36 EST

On the other hand, values smaller than 10-12 are a bad idea, given
the burgeoning growth of LANs hanging off of Campus nets (CANs!),
hanging off several interconnected WANs. Consider also the NSF
idea of LANs to CANs to state-area-nets to regional-area-nets to WANs.
Don't preclude talking to somebody next year, just because he was too
far away (hop counts).

I have already hit a circumstance where the default 4.2 MAX_TTL
value was too small for a connection I wanted to make, and I was
unhappy about having to regen all my kernels.

My own preference is to use a largish number (like 50). This will
extinguish packets caught in a routing loop, but isn't likely to
prevent me from talking to somebody far far away.

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