The NIC and FTPing host tables

Tue 25 Mar 86 20:12:43-PST

Hi - it's taken me quite a while to draft this message. However, things
are getting intolerable, and I feel that it's appropriate to broach the

Quite frankly, we're experiencing tremendous network load from people
(automatically) FTPing the host tables when we release one. There are
several modes of behaviour which are most offensive:

        o Many people choose a convenient time, such as midnight. The
           consequences are that we get about 10 FTP server jobs running

        o Some sites with multiple hosts in close proximity have their
           hosts get their tables from us, rather than having a single
           host at the site get it and propagate it. A sample site had
           THREE FTP's going from distinct hosts, all getting the host

        o Some sites simply FTP the host table every day, whether it
           needs it or not. This is anti-social.

     I feel that a simple and workable solution is for some major sites
(BBN, ISI, Stanford, MIT - this is by no means a request or finger point)
to serve as "host table servers", thus relieving the load on the NIC.
Perhaps a policy implementation modelled after domains is in order. I do
know that if things don't change, we'll cut back on the frequency of host
table releases from sheer necessity.



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