DCEC gateway overloading

Fri, 21 Mar 86 11:35 EST

          Noticed this week that the response time between MILNET and
ARPANET has slowed down dramatically between 9 and 6 to the point that
for every packet we send, it is on the average retransmitted 3-4 times.
Now a 25% - 50% retrasmission rate is bad enough but tolerable; however
a 300-400% retrasmission rate is just unworkable. Our host
(RADC-MULTICS) is using DCEC-GATEWAY as its gateway into the ARPANET,
and I believe that the gateway is somehow overloaded. We don't seem to
have as much problems receiving data (probably routed through other
gateways), but it appears that DCEC-GATEWAY is dropping a large number
of packets from out host.
          Is there a reason for this happening, like temporary rerouting
of packets through DCEC for various reasons such as a downed gateway? Or
are we to expect this permanently. This situation is clearly
unacceptable when trying to do real work.

                    John G. Ata

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