Brad Tipler (tipler@dmc-crc.ARPA)
Fri, 21 Mar 86 10:53:05 est

We have HYPERLINK running under VAX VMS. Although we are having trouble making
it work right now, it once worked fine. It is obviously very similar to its
ancestor ACCESS-T because it exhibited the same asymetrical performance ;
FTPs in one direction were much faster then FTPs in the other direction.
We had it connected via and Interlan Ethernet to a VAX running 4.2 BSD.
We are hoping that the problem is with the Interlan boards.

It seems to me that HYPERLINK has no concept of multiple interfaces, or routing
for that matter.

To aid in our current debugging attempts, it would be nice if it supplied more
information on why communication is not working, rather than just "it timed out".
To be fair I don't know of any suppliers which give you this sort of tool.

We are a beta test site and have found that HYPERLINK is quite willing to help
in the debugging to the best of their ability.


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