19 Mar 86 11:46 EST

I have a problem that I'm hoping someone out there can
help me with. I have a user who has a large number of TEMPESTed
Zenith PCs (IBM-compatible types) who wishes to connect these PCs to
a secure LAN (Fiber Optic based). He wishes also to implement
the usuall file-sharing capabilities and remote logins associated with
LANs. The problem is that the user has been told that, if he opens
the PCs up to install a LAN card (which in itself would be TEMPESTed),
then Zenith will no longer guarantee the PCs (understandable) nor
work on them. In other words, any and all maintenance agreements
go out the window and (supposedly) Zenith is not willing to
renegotiate a new maintenance agreement. Further complicating matters,
the customer is not willing to use a third-party maintenance group.

Now, having said all of that, does anybody out there know of any
software which might allow the connection of the PCs to the LAN via
the PC's RS232 port, and also implement/allow file sharing?
Are there any other solutions which might be feasible (such as an
intelligent "front-end" which implements file sharing and remote
logon protocols for a group of PCs)? I might mention that the
PCs are placed in such a way that clustering of PCs to a local
LAN connection is possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jim Hodges

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