TWG/VMS <-IP/RS232-> SL/4.2bsd

Martin Schoffstall (schoff%rpics.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA)
Mon, 17 Mar 86 21:31:44 EST

Has anyone successfully installed this and have it running? We have
had a leased line running to a site doing mmdf style mail to them for
5 months while waiting for TWG to deliver the software (they lost the
order for at least two). Now we're trying to install the link and we
are getting weird results like:

*TWG/VMS is not seeing any bsd packets.
*netstat -i on the TWG/VMS side shows N outgoing packets, netstat -i
        on bsd shows 2xN incoming packets.
*telneting from twg/vms to bsd tells me that the network is unreachable
        (they are on two different networks but the routing table looks

any help would be appreciated!!

marty schoffstall
schoff%rpics.csnet@csnet-relay ARPA
schoff@rpics CSNET
seismo!rpics!schoff UUCP

Computer Science Department
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 271-2654

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