Re: Mail Bridge Performance

7 Mar 1986 11:24:40 EST

In response to the message sent 07 Mar 86 06:10:21 PST (Fri) from van@lbl-csam.ARPA


The violence of our agreement may be leaving us all exhausted. By way of
explanation of my comment that EGP is not the problem, note that the
LSI-11s compute EGP routes just like GGP routes, in other words, as if
the EGP peer were a GGP peer with a funny way to propagate the updates.
Some nonsense is necessary, of course, in biasing the hop counts, etc, but this
is invisible to the EGP peer. Tracy Mallory or Mike Brescia can beat me up
if this bog has been OBE.

This would be a real fun issue to drop on Mike Corrigan's Internet Engineering
Task Force. Boy, was that fun to say.


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