Re: Mail Bridge Performance

6 Mar 1986 13:50:41 EST

In response to the message sent 06 Mar 86 06:42:25 PST (Thu) from van@lbl-csam.ARPA


Without detracting from your unimpeachable data and sound conclusions, I should
point out that EGP itself has nothing to do with the routing. The problem,
as we all understand, is intrinsic to the GGP routing algorithm used by the
LSI-11 gateways these many years and hopefully not long for this world. This
all would seem to suggest we support the replacemnt of these old gateways
with the more capable Buttergates as rapidly as possible.

Having said that, I continue to observe and report what I think are grossly
suboptimal behavior on the part of many network hosts, such as excessive
retransmissions, spasmotic packetization and spurious ACKs. The fact that some
of the delays measured by you and others are up in the tens of seconds (!)
suggests that something more clever than FIFO buffering, as John Nagle suggests
in a recent RFC, may be required no matter how lush the storage pool. In
addition, the explosive growth in new networks and hosts is already engulfing
the gateways and EGP updates. Personally, I am mosre worried about that last,
as it may require a major change in how our non-core gateways work. That's
where you should point your EGP spear.


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