Re: gateway sources sought

Ron Natalie (ron@BRL.ARPA)
Thu, 6 Mar 86 11:12:19 EST

The only commercial companies that so far see competent to do that
sort of thing are PROTEON and BBN. In addition, for no support
whatsoever, the BRL GATEWAY will do what you ask. We currently
run two GATEWAYS to the MILNET at BRL (none of our hosts are currently
connected directly). The switchover capability is pretty much automatic
once you put in EGP. We only really do our own because, we don't have
just ethernets on the backend and our needs change a little quicker
than we could contract anyone outside to do.

I've looked at the WOOLENGONG stuff, and while it is an entirely
adequate TCP implementation, it really is lacking as a gateway system.
The only other real alternative is to find someone who will commercially
support the EGP in the 4 BSD network code and just use some random VAX.
However, the BSD EGP implementation still seems to need some attention
from time to time.


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