Re: Inverse Terminal Server

Thu, 6 Mar 86 06:51:02 est

We have just such an animal (Inverse Terminal Server) here at NSWC. It is
a CS/1 from Bridge Communications, Inc. Bridge has several boxes that might
satisfy you needs, from the CS/1 (32 ports) to the CS/100 (4-14 ports) and
they have a new box, CS/200 (8 ports ??) that is even cheaper yet.

The cost is somewhere around 4k-5k range for the CS/100!

We have a TCP/IP version of the CS/1. It is also available for XNS!

An address for Bridge is:
     Bridge Communications, Inc.
     2081 Stierlin Road
     Mountain View, CA 94043
     Telephone: 415/969-4400

Hope this helped!

Bob Hott Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, VA 22448
             Systems Integration and Networking Branch (Code K33)

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