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John Nolan (
Wed, 5 Mar 86 08:32:31 EST

I am using a IBM PC hooked to an ethernet with (currently) a 3COM ethernet
board. This is the 3C500 board which has been around forever. As we are
thinking of upgrading software to the FTP Software TCP/IP system, we are
starting to explore new boards. Candidates are the Interlan NI5010 board
and the 3COM 3C505 Hi Performance board. I have been pleased with the
3COM board except that when using it, I cannot use the RAM disk which I
can install on my Quadram memory/clock/port multifunction board. I haven't
tried the configuration with NRC's Fusion software. Mostly, the PC is used
with the XNS Protocols to print stuff on the Xerox laser printer. I have
heard bad stuff about NRC's Fusion; when I read their brochure, I thought
it was too good to be true.....I think it is too good to be true.

With regard to the actual PC configuration, I have currently a dual floppy
system with 512K of memory. I have never had problems with running out of
memory but have sorely lacked a hard disk (which I have ordered).

Sorry about all the rambling discussion above but I do run off at the
mouth with no good reason.

FTP Software Inc is at (617)497-5066. Interlan is at (617)263-9929. 3COM
is at (415)961-9602.

If I can help more.....

john john nolan@maryland

American Air Force Express.....Don't be deposed without it..F.E.Marcos

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