Inverse Terminal Server

Tue, 04 Mar 86 15:36:02 EDT

We have need for a device which I will tentatively call an inverse terminal
server. This device attaches to an ethernet on one end, and to some number
N of rs232 ports on the other side, just like a normal ethernet terminal
server. The inverse part comes about because the rs232 ports are to be
connected to a port-selection box. In operation, a user on some distant
host would telnet to the inverse terminal server, and then be connected to
any available port on the port-selection box, and then converse with the
port-selection box as to which ascii host he wished to be connected to,
just as if his terminal was directly connected to the port-selection box,
rather than telnetting across the ethernet. The purpose of this is to allow
ethernet users to log into hosts that are not on the ethernet, but which
are accessible via the port-selection box.
 Does such a device exist, or could something be adapted?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
                                                   Bob Dixon
                                                   Ohio State University

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