IP and TCP options

Bill Morgart (bmorgart@mitre-gateway.arpa)
4 Mar 1986 15:27:22 EST (Tuesday)

The MITRE Corporation has implemented the Department of Defense protocol
suite TCP, IP, and ICMP. The implementation includes all the options
defined in MIL-STD 1777 (RFC-791), MIL-STD 1778 (RFC-793), and RFC-792.
We need to find other nodes in the internet that have implemented some or
all of the following features/options in order to evaluate the compatability
of our implementation with the real world.

We intend to address self returning messages to co-operating hosts and examine
timestamps, routes etc.
Please return this message with the features/options that your node supports
indicated in some manner. Please include the internet address of your node
and type of node (host, gateway). A real human point of contact would be

The following is an outline of the features/options we wish to test.

                        Loose Source & Record Route
                        Strict source & Record Route
                        Record Route
                        type 0 -- timestamps only
                        type 1 -- address & timestamp
                        type 3 -- selective address & timestamp
                Stream ID

        connection establishment
                        max. seg. size

Thanks for any and all help,

Daryl Crandall daryl@mitre-gateway.arpa (703) 883-7278
Bill Morgart bmorgart@mitre-gateway.arpa (703) 883-6554

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