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Tue, 4 Mar 86 10:06:24 EST

I received this request in the mail but unfortunately I am not familiar
with the hardware in question. I suggested he post to this list but
apparently it is not convenient for him to get the responses. If you
can help either mail to him or me or this board or whatever and I'll
make sure he gets copies. I think part of the problem is that his
communication with the vendor is thru telex and isn't working very
well to get his questions answered. Thanks in advance.

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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>From harvard!seismo!mcvax!hslrswi!robert Mon Mar 3 17:23:05 1986

We would like to replace our Interlan NI-1010A with an EXOS 204 to
offload some of the network processing from out Vax-11/750. But there
may be a problem in how this affects other network interfaces. If the
TCP/IP is moved into hardware, how can it still be possible to run
networking through another interface - serial line IP or a DMR-11 for
instance ? It seems to me that if an Excelan board is installed, then
that can be the only networking interface, at least for TCP/IP.

Any advice you could give us in this matter would be very gratefully

Many thanks in advance,

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