gateway sources sought

Tinker (tinker@dtix)
Tue, 4 Mar 86 09:00:46 est


On behalf of the David Taylor Naval Ship R&D Center, I am in the market
(and have $$$$) for a DDN (MILNET)-to-local-ethernet gateway. We would
like a turnkey vendor supported "box" to attach directly to our local
IMP and support at least one "backend" local ethernet consisting of
mostly VAXes running 4.xbsd UNIX, VMS (Wollongong), and a few workstations.

In view of some recent readings I've gotten from the DDN PMO, this
device would have to attach to the IMP via an X.25 (standard mode)
interface. In addition we would like to have some kind of fault
tolerance built into the system, even if that means having two gateways
with manual switchover.

Are there any vendors out there who do this kind of thing?

Alternatively, if I dont get a vendor response, could I build my own
gateway out of a micro-vax (or two) running Wollongong or UNIX?

Any replies appreciated. Vendors should send to me direct so as not
to clutter the list.

Bob Tinker
David Taylor Naval Ship R&D Center

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