Re: Mail Bridge Performance

the tty of Geoffrey S. Goodfellow (Geoff@SRI-CSL.ARPA)
3 Mar 1986 20:52-PST

With respect to a decrease in Packets Originating at a Gateway (mainly from
hosts learning how to handle ICMP Redirects), not from the hosts behind the
SRI-CSL-GW, which connects two Ethernets (128.18 & 192.12.33) to each other
and to the ARPANET (

Remembering that only hosts and not gateways can "act on" ICMP ReDirects,
our gateway ricochets a large portion of its GGP network destine traffic thru
MILLBL's ARPANET interface. This is due to the fact that GGP networks such as
SATNET, VAN and ISI to name but a few which are on the ARPANET, are not in our
neighbor table (and us not in theirs).

The other bulk of our traffic seems to ricochet thru the WISC and PURDUE
EGP/GGP universe gateways. Thus, we end up communicating next door to
Stanford or the AI centers LISP machines lair downstairs by traipsing cross
country rather than directly with each other on the same or neighboring IMP.

Using gateways to pass data between networks by the injection of a packet in
one network interface and having it disgorge out the other is a great example
of efficacy in action, but this business of sending stuff "thru" gateways in
and out the same network interface doesn't seem to be a parsimonious use of
network resources. Will the highly touted Butterfly gateways be solving
these types of problems any time soon? If not, how about some work on getting
packets to the destination in the most efficient and direct manner?


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