Mail Bridge Performance

Phill Gross (gross@mitre.ARPA)
Mon, 3 Mar 86 08:26:47 est

I have also been a victim of the impressively poor Arpanet/Milnet mail
bridge performance. When using a Milnet TAC from home, I get your
fairly standard 1200 baud type response for Milnet hosts. When I try
to use Apranet hosts, however, I often get delays so long that the TAC
tells me 'host not responding'. This clearly makes it impossible to
work through one of the mail bridges, even if all you are doing is
actually reading mail.

A few simple tests seems to show that the throughput isn't all that
bad for ftp. Why are things so bad for Telnet and pings? (The
numbers I got were around 1 kByte/s for the mail bridges, around 2
kBps for Mitre's minimal gateway and perhaps a little greater than
2 kBps on the average for a fuzzway.) The recent comment about
'8 pkts per keystroke' for certain pathological Telnet situations
could use some amplification.

I decided to look at the gateway throughput reports over the last year to see
if it had anything to tell us. The most obvious thing has been a definite
increase in traffic over the past 5-6 weeks. Various snippets of data and
my speculative ramblings are included below for your reading pleasure.
Comments are welcome, particularly from those closer to the data.

I found that over the last year the mail bridges (7 out of ~40 lsi gws)
generally account for about 1/3 of the total traffic and between

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