Re: Poor mil/arpa performance

Glen Foster (GFoster@USC-ISI.ARPA)
3 Mar 1986 07:47:45 EST

To answer your questions about how the DARPA program mgr. is accessing

She's using an IBMPC running Dick Gilmann's VDTE HP terminal emulator.
The pathway you described is correct. There is a 50K trunk between
IMP 28 and IMP 25 and, I suspect, most of the packets get sent thataway.
We are on a Bridge Ethernet <-> RS 232C to the pc in the building and I
am certain that there are no performance problems with the internal local
network. No screen editor, the slow turnaround is just too painful! She
is accessing Seismo. I don't know about typing speed, I'm about a 25 wpm
(not including errors!) and I get the same delays when I'm on Seismo.

The TAC buffers actually get full at times and the darn thing starts
beeping at every keystroke. On one occasion, this has lasted for over
five minutes.

I'm am not certain as to exactly where the bottleneck occurs. I have been
experiencing similar delays (although not as severe) on USC-ISI and
IPTO-VAX lately (esp. in the afternoon 1600 - 1900). All hosts report
reasonable load averages and it "feels" like network problems (congestion?).

I hope the switch to the Arpanet TAC will help a little. At least it will
lower resource usage slightly!


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