Message transmission times

1 Mar 1986 22:03:05 EST

Just an echo of my sentiments as well concerning the geological time. I am
only a user of the net and my host is SRI-NIC. I am a speed typist and
routinely find that I fill up my keyboard buffer faster than DDN can accept.
Matters are really ridiculous when I transmit a diskbased ascii file. For
example, a routine transmission of 2-3 pages will take about 15 minutes to
go through the system with 20-30 minutes not being unheard of. I called the
SRI sysop one time and although sympathetic, his quote was along the lines
"no one ever said DDN was fast". Given that DDN is supposed to be the man-
datory networking medium for the military in the future, we better do some-
thing to improve it or the overnight letters will be quicker.

gary swallow
AV 225-1633, comm (202) 695-1633

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