Re: Poor mil/arpa performance

Rick Adams (rick@seismo.CSS.GOV)
Fri, 28 Feb 86 00:33:49 EST

seismo's darpa project admin is physically in the next building, but
is connected to a milnet tac. seismo is on the arpanet. The
response is SO BAD that we are actively trying to have her and her
associates moved from arpa2-mil-tac to arpa3-tac in hopes of her
getting characters echoed is less than geological time.

It's really hard explaining that the only thing you can do for your
"boss" is to run a dedicated line to her office; that her nifty
dedicated port on the tac is almost useless.

It's kind of scary thinking about how far the packets are really going
to traverse that 100 yards seperating us physically.

The arpa/milnet bridges are clearly inadequate.


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