Ethenet / Unix Rwhod

Philip Budne (BUDD%BUCS20%bostonu.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA)
Mon 24 Feb 86 14:08:49-EST

Regarding rwho haters;

Rwhod is a single program that sends broadcast packets on a frequent
basis, as well as listens for packets from other sites and writes the
received packets to a spool directory. Ruptime and rwho just scan
through this directory and type out the information.

I have often wondered if the problem might be better solved using
"multicast" ethernet addresses. This way only sites which care about
the information ever see it on the host end of the ethernet.

The problem is specifying how to map IP addresses into outgoing
ethernet multicasts.

I must confess that I am quite fond of user environment information
programs, here we run RWHOD under Unix, TOPS-20, VMS, and on a 3b2.
In my previous job inside DEC, I had to fight to install even a finger
program and a passive server for it. The argument always involved
WASTE OF RESOURCES. These people also frowned on EMACS as a hog, and
never took me seriously because I worked on something as silly as a
compiler (and one that was written in a high level language!). And
then there were the people who frowned at attaching an ethernet to
their precious system "causes interrupts" they told me...

        Philip Budne
        Boston University / Distributed Systems

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