Re: Interesting Ethernet/UNIX 4.2 observation. (gateway & multicast)

Mike Brescia (brescia@BBNCCV.ARPA)
24 Feb 86 09:34:06 EST (Mon)

We have gateway interfaces to 3 different networks which implement a hardware
broadcast address, and in each of them have seen the effects of looping
packets because the gateway forwarded broadcast packets back onto the net. We
have put in the extra check to drop at the local net layer, IP datagrams which
are addressed to the local net hardware broadcast address. (ARP is not dropped
because it uses a different link/protocol number.)

This means that the gateways will not respond to echo packets addressed to
'broadcast', but this means we can keep the <packet addressed to gateway> test
simple, and not have to search all the possible broadcast addresses also.


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