Re: workstation != gateway

Jeffrey I. Schiller (jis@BITSY.MIT.EDU)
Fri, 21 Feb 86 22:03:03 EST

Our workstations DON'T run a routed routing daemon. They do in fact
maintain a default route to a "smart" gateway. The problem we were
experiencing was the result of a misconfigured machine sending a broadcast
packet that the other machines misinterpreted as a packet that needed
to be forwared.

Setting ip_forwarding to 0 doesn't help the problem because what would
happen in that case (under 4.2) is that all ~40 stations would simultaneously
attempt to send an ICMP destination unreachable message, which would
cause a monster collision (I am repeating myself slightly here).

To summarize: The problem is that 4.2 thinks it is a gateway, so that when
someone accidently sends it a misdirected packet, it does something...
usually it is something harmless, but not always.


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