Re: workstation != gateway

Martin J Levy (martin%blade@mouton.ARPA)
Fri, 21 Feb 86 12:10:46 est

There are two problems with the 4.2bsd release running on a
workstation. The first is the concept of IP forwarding, you can turn
this off by setting the kernel variable "ipforwarding" to 0. This can
be done with adb(1), or by recompiling. The second problem is a bit
more serious. The router running under 4.2bsd is ment to keep quiet if
it's running on a machine with one one interface and just listen to
route packets. But under some conditions it will send out a route
packet and some machines on the local network will belive that the
workstation is a valid gateway to another network. This is of course
wrong. It's just a coding error, but it got out on the release tape.

There is another school of thought that believes that a host (ie a
workstation) with one one interface should not run a routing protocol
and just use a default route and expect ICMP redirects to guide it to
the correct gateway. If that view is taken then you will never get the
case of a workstation acting as a gateway

martin levy.
bellcore, nj.

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