Re: Swapped IP address bytes.

Mike Brescia (brescia@BBNCCV.ARPA)
20 Feb 86 07:55:16 EST (Thu)

     PS: ICMP 003 000 is a (sub)net unreachable response

     23:45:24 010 ?TRAP-I-ICMP 003 000 [] -> []

It would be informative if you would mention what the 010 means, and whether
we can deduce the protocol involved. It would also be informative if you
would examine the NIC tables for info about what the address numbers map into.

Note that is 'suran-vax' at BBN, and net 128.23 is the BBN packet
radio (suran) net. I surmise that some debugging of a new monitoring program
is going on. Be glad that it is happening around midnight rather than around


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